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In Novi and across Michigan, residents rely heavily on their home’s boiler for a convenient source of warm or hot water. Heated water is essential for bathing, cooking, cleaning and more on a daily basis.

Boilers may also be used as an essential source of heat throughout the home on chilly fall and winter days. Silva Mechanical has proudly been serving Novi and surrounding Michigan communities for many years, and we are thrilled to be your choice for all of your current and future boiler services.

From inspections and diagnostics to repairs, maintenance and replacement services, Silva Mechanical can do it all.

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  • Scheduled & Emergency Repair
  • Preventative Annual Tune-Ups
  • Replacement & Installation
Silva boiler services
Silva boiler services
Silva boiler services
Silva boiler services
Silva boiler services
Silva boiler services

Reliable Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services

Silva Mechanical is your trusted and dependable source for quality new boilers as well as for installation services, and we are also your preferred provider for maintenance and repair work on your equipment. Regardless of the model that is currently installed in your home, regular maintenance work from our skilled professionals will help you to maximize the equipment’s useful life, improve energy efficiency and decrease repair issues over the years.

While regular boiler maintenance may decrease repair issues, you may still have to deal with a few boiler repair problems from time to time. Some boiler issues may prevent you from heating your home properly or enjoying heated water on demand. Other boiler issues may pose serious risks related to gas leaks, water damage and more.

We understand how important it is for you to receive a fast response when repair issues develop, and we also know that you need the problem properly repaired on the first visit.

You can count on our reputable and well-trained team of boiler technicians to complete quality work without delay.

Your home’s boiler is essential for many aspects of your daily life, and we are your preferred provider for all types of boiler services that you may need now and in the years to come. Our hardworking and well-trained team at Silva Mechanical is available to respond to your request for service quickly. Simply call our office today or click here to set up an appointment, and we will arrive promptly as scheduled to begin working on your boiler issue.

Navien condensing boiler installation
Navien tankless water heater and condensing boiler installation

Efficient Boiler Installation Services

Many Michigan residents who have an older boiler in their home may wonder if the time has come to replace old equipment with a new model. Many issues maybe addressed with repair service, but there may be benefits associated with a replacement as well. Through an inspection of your current equipment, we can let you know more about the pros and cons associated with replacing the unit versus repairing the damage.

Regardless of the approach that you decide to move forward with, we can quickly get to work for you. The installation of a boiler is not a matter to take lightly and should not be attempted as a do-it-yourself project by a homeowner. Boilers typically draw on electrical energy or gas as a source of power for heating the water.

The installation process for a new boiler involves disconnecting the energy source and water source for the old boiler that is being retired and removing this heavy equipment from the home. The new boiler is then brought into the home, and it must then be connected to the energy and water source. All connections must be secure to avoid creating severe property damage or causing injury to the home’s occupants. Our team will work efficiently to completely quality work without delay while focusing on keeping your property well-maintained. We understand how essential a boiler is to your daily life, and we will not let you down.

Knowledge Assistance with the Selection of a New Boiler

If you need new boiler installation service, you may be wondering which model is right for your home. We are affiliated with many leading brand names, and we are thrilled to help you locate the right model for your needs. Many factors must be reviewed to determine the right boiler to install in your home.

While you understandably want to find a new boiler that is priced within your budget, the heating capabilities, energy source, dimensions of the equipment and other factors also must be taken into consideration. When you contact us for assistance with the installation of your new boiler, you can feel confident that we will analyze all of the factors before making a few recommendations that may be suitable for your home.

You can count on us to answer all of your questions about the suitable options in a knowledge manner so that you can make a smart decision that is right for your home.

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